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Preserve your favourite t-shirts by having them turned into a patchwork quilt.

A t-shirt quilt by Coralie Green is a true quilt, made of three layers- the t-shirts on the front, a layer of wadding and a cotton fabric backing. These three layers are held together with lots of lines of stitching all over the surface. Without this, the wadding is like a loose duvet inside a duvet cover and the whole thing can become saggy and distorted very easily. The edge of the quilt is bound with cotton in the same colour as the backing fabric

Some t-shirt quilt FAQs

What size will my quilt be?
Each quilt is carefully designed to best suit the size of t-shirts you have so I do not cut to a pre-determined size. As a rough guide, 20-30 adult sized t-shirts are needed to generously cover a double bed. A 4×4 quilt (16 t-shirts) is a good size to use on a sofa.

Can I use the front and back of the t-shirt?
Yes of course! If you want to use a particular side of the t-shirt, please mark it with a safety pin or post-it note, otherwise I will just use artistic judgement to create your memory quilt.

Can I choose the layout of my t-shirts in the quilt?
Yes, be as creative as you like! Include a sketch in your t-shirts parcel and I will do my best to accommodate your design.

What is sashing?
Sashing is the coloured border around each square. It greatly improves the look of your quilt by framing each t-shirt individually. I particularly recommend sashing for quilts where there are t-shirts of a similar colour.

What is wadding?
Wadding is the layer of insulation between the top and backing. It makes the quilt warm and cosy.

How long will it take?
Quilts will be finished and returned within 3-5 weeks of the design being finalised and confirmed. The overall process take 4-6 weeks from start to finish. If you have a personal deadline, please let me know and I will try to accommodate this.

The items for my quilt are special. How can you ease my worries?
I understand how precious your items are. When sending your t-shirts, I recommend you use Royal Mail’s Recorded Signed For service for peace of mind. I will also keep in touch at every stage from safe receipt of your shirts to postage of the finished item so you’re never left wondering.

My t-shirts are super precious, can I drop them off in person?
Yes, visitors are most welcome at my studio in Ancoats, Manchester. Please let me know your favourite biscuits and I’ll put the kettle on!

Do I need to wash or cut my t-shirts for before I send them to you?
Yes, please wash the t-shirts prior to sending them to me. This will prevent the colours from bleeding. Please don’t cut the t-shirts, leave that to me.

What is your refund policy?
All t-shirt quilts are custom made. I offer customers the option of designing the layout and choosing the colour of materials. Therefore I cannot offer a refund if you simply change your mind. However, if there is a genuine fault, I will do my very best to make amends.

I’ve started making my own t-shirt quilt and it’s all gone wrong! Can you help?!
Yes, probably. First things first, please don’t cut any more fabric. To salvage your project I need to retain as much t-shirt as possible. Send me a message and I can offer some advice. If you’ve lost the will to continue, send it to me and I can almost certainly complete the t-shirt quilt for you.

If you are ready to have your t-shirt quilt made, please choose your size and proceed to checkout. I will be in touch with a postage address and we can start your project.

If you would like to have a chat first, just send me a message.

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